Spa Chemicals

Chemicals Price List  (Subject to availability)

Spaguard – Sunspot – Bayrol

ItemUsageQuantity EachPrice
Total Alkalinity Increaser (TA plus)1 Kg£8.00
Calcium Hardness Increaser1 Kg£9.00
Chlorine Tablets (small)1 Kg£12.00
Bromine Granules1 Kg£17.50
Bromine Tablets1 Kg£19.00
Bayroklar Spa- Active Oxygen sanitizer1 Kg£15.00
Water Care
Antifoam1 LT£14.00
Algaecide1 Lt£14.00
Surface Cleaner1Lt£11.00
Sunspot Waterline Paste250ml£7.00
Floating Dispensers
Turtle Dispensereach£7.50
Pool Floating Dispensereach£10.00
Prices and details correct at time of issue and are subject to change without notice.