Steam Saunas

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These sauna models are made of pre-fabricated panels of North European pine. In between the panelled walls there is a special insulation layer. Benches, head rests and mat are made of high grade splinter-free softwood. The sauna process is regulated by a digital programmable control panel fitted to the outside of the sauna. The simple connection of the pre-fabricated modular walls ensures an easy assembly. The easy-to-comprehend assembly instruction manual also saves time. The modular saunas are equipped with extra relax boards next to the benches and there are wooden covers between the benches. The decorative glass  door with chromed hinges add to the sophisticated look of the modular sauna. The cabins can be equipped with a steam oven which allows the classical sauna process.

1 model available:


166 x 166 cm For 1 person laying down or 2 persons sitting up. £1875 SOLD OUT

£80 delivery up to 80 miles from Auchtermuchty, mainland only.

More Steam Saunas available from Scotspas


Model A-805

Size 1000 x 1000 x 2000

Shape Round

Price £1495 inc. VAT Del. £80


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